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Hoyez glass relocatable partitionLockwoodHume are proud to have been chosen as one of a handfull of dealers in U.K to supply and install Hoyez relocatable partition systems.

with over 35 years of experience in the field of relocatable partitions, and 650,000square metres of partitions installed every year, HOYEZ is the tertiary and industrial workspace development specialist.

Hoyez design and manufacture aluminium framework partition systems for tertiary and industrial fittings.
Utilising the strength of their experience, LockwoodHume can assist purchasing advisers and architects with the aesthetic and technical definition of their projects.
Hoyez products are distributed to a network of partner companies, which installs their partitions in France and in over 20 countries.
Hoyez partiton sysytem two story office

Hoyez partition systems carries the CERFF certificate which is issued by an official body of the National Building Federation

The CERFF certificate validates 4 criteria:
-Shock resistance
-Rigidity, stability and durability
-Sound insulation.

Projects are designed in house and are truly flexible allowing for the complete System to be demounted, leaving no tell tale signs, and relocated easily and cost effectively

Hoyez planning

glass wall hoyez


Hoyez Glass office

Hoyez  officewall with doors

Hoyez straight office wall