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Morris Office Furniture

Morris Office FurnitureMorris Office designs and manufactures a comprehensive programme of contemporary office furniture.

They are one of the most respected manufacturers in the office furniture industry due to their commitment to innovative design and excellent service.

As an official dealer of Morris Office Furniture, Lockwoodhume can supply the full range nationally.

As The Morris Offering is so extensive we offer you our personal service in helping you choose the correct product for your business, call us now on 01603 865582.

The portfolio consists of six desking ranges – , B4, CONNECT, M1000, EVOLUTION and PRISM , FUSION– and they are complemented by a wide range of storage, screens and tables.

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Morris Office Furniture Fusion

Morris Office Fusion BenchSystem furniture has moved into the 21st century with the launch of Fusion from Morris Office Furniture

Fusion is a sophisticated four leg system which makes smart use of its alluminium pole legs.

The rounded corners of the worksurfaces allow the top cap of the posts to be expressed in a stylish manner. Additional posts of variouse heights can be screwed into the pole legs to carry screens and other third level accessories.

Fusion can also be configured easily and changed rapidly in the future due to all the interconnecting elements of the range having the ability to work together including the sharing of leg frames in line and front to back. 

For details or to order Morris Office Furniture, call 01603 865582 or email info@lockwoodhume.co.uk

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Morris Office Furniture Prism

prismA dynamic, angular desking range with a versatile sliding top option and striking chrome detailing on the prism shaped legs.

The contemporary feel of Prism modernises all office environments. This stylish range features, as the name implies, a triangular cross-section to the legs. The trim at the top and bottom of the legs and the mountings of the modesty panels are picked out in chrome. The legs can also be set at different heights as standard. A full programme of benching is complemented by desks, returns and a large workstation for use elsewhere in an office. They can be configured shared or free-standing and a run can be extended effortlessly any time.

Prism also makes use of aluminium extrusions throughout to aid in recycling, ensure a light-weight construction and provide tracks for optional sliding tops. These sliding tops, an option on back-to-back benching and large workstations, give discrete and easily accessible cable management, a facility to slot in acrylic screens neatly and a soft-touch brush strip to access cables.

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Morris Office Furniture Connect

connectElegance, strength, durability & economy all come as standard with Connect resulting in style and quality at a lower price than would be expected.

The built-in flexibility of Connect gives you complete freedom in deciding your workspace configuration. The cross rails are telescopic to allow the leg frames to be shared in-line and the leg frames are offered in double depths to support the worksurfaces back-to-back to further minimise the number of legs and increase the cost savings. Much of the shared desking features set-back intermediate leg frames to allow unhindered access along the full length of the worksurfaces.

The leg frames can also be supplied with height adjustment for setting at pre-determined heights. All of the cross rails can carry optional horizontal cable management and, where appropriate, optional modesty panels.

Where the rectangular desks are arranged in a bench-like configuration with desk mounted screens or tool rails, advantage can be taken of Connect Benching. Instead of the cable ports of Connect Desking, it features continuous cable access, a scallop in the middle of the back edge for feeding through plugs and T-shaped brackets for attaching bench mounted screens to the cross rails.

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Morris Office Furniture B4

b4A stylish and highly flexible beam based desking system complete with integral cable management offering a cost-effective and contemporary workspace solution.

The rigid interlock of the leg frames and telescopic action of the structural beam allows the leg frames of this range to be shared where required. This dramatically reduces the number of components and helps minimise the cost of ownership.

The I-shaped leg frames offer a pleasing symmetry and highly contemporary aesthetic. Cable management is integral through a covered conduit in the leg frames and horizontally via the high capacity trough in the telescopic beam. The leg covers have detachable top caps for routeing cables from one desk to another and the leg frames can also carry optional wooden modesty panels.

In addition to fixed height desking, the popular shapes and sizes of this range are offered as height settable, crank height adjustable and electric height adjustable to ensure that it is truly a versatile and practical range for any workspace.

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Morris Office Furniture Evolution

evolutionCombines durability and flexibility with striking styling. This contemporary four-legged design is available with round, tapered or height adjustable leg frames for maximum aesthetic & functional effect.

All three styles of Evolution feature the attractive detailing of mitred corners at the top of the leg frames and benefit from spacers under the ends of the worksurfaces to give the illusion of elegant floating tops.

With the choice of three leg frames, Evolution will adapt to any style or culture of the modern office. Each leg frame is attached to telescopic cross rails running underneath the full length of the worksurfaces. Modesty panels and horizontal cable management can be hung securely from the rear cross rail when required as optional extras.

The four legged design of the desking also minimizes the footprint on the floor to help facilitate access to floor boxes without restricting the placement of the furniture.

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Morris Office Furniture M1000

m1000Featuring strong cantilever leg frames or the all-wood look of panel ends,the styling of this range offers a contemporary look whilst retaining the traditional elements of desking design.

This range prides itself on its structural strength and has earned a reputation over the years of being built to last. Consequently, it is widely acknowledged for its good looks, high quality, excellent value for money and unchallenged life-cycle costings.

Much of the strength is imparted by the twin uprights of the cantilever leg frames or the slab effect of the panel ends. Further rigidity is gained by the cross-bracing effect of the integral modesty panels.

The cantilever leg frames can also be given a more substantial look by adding an infill extrusion between the uprights. The extrusion incorporates vertical cable management should it be required as an optional extra. Cable channeling can be placed on the inside face of the panel ends for the vertical routeing of cables. The optional horizontal cable management takes the form of drop-down cable trays or baskets.

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