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project managementProject Management

Your office refurbishment project is important to us...

We need to make sure that your business is not adversely effected in any way whilst you improve your working environment.

We undertake to manage your project no matter how big or small so you can carry on your core business.

We will set realistic timescales and budgets to complete your office project with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

We will make sure the electrician is finished before the decorators start. The decorators are finished before the flooring is laid and the flooring is laid before the office furniture is installed. Oh and we even keep an eye on the telephone people to make sure you have lines ready when you move into your new office space.

And thats not all, will the sun shining through the window be a problem? Are the electric sockets in the right place? Will the photocopier go up the stairs?

Need we say more?

That all sounds quite easy, however it could quite easily go wrong, particularly if you are doing your day job at the same time. 

Not if LockwoodHume project manage it for you.


  • Free feasibility study
  • Creation of project brief
  • Creation of work schedule plans
  • Contractor management
  • On site project manager.

Lockwoodhume's Project management teams have successfully managed projects including the building of a new bakery and office moves nationally. From our base in Norfolk we have competed projects in Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, London, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Birmingham and Manchester.

Not Sure?

For a free no obligation discussion about your project anywhere in the U.K call Brian or Mike on 01603 865582.